Friday, September 26, 2008

A day of sewing...

Today I spent the day either sewing or cleaning or running kids around town...much like any other day really!

Abbey has been complaining that I never sew anything for her so I made her some Pj's in a pretty icypole print fabric, she loves them!

I also got another 2 bag orders, so I now have 5 bags on my to do list(12 completed), I think I will try to get them done over the weekend. I also made a trip to Spotlight last night and stocked up on fabric and bits and peices with the discount coupon saving me over $30...Woot!
I chose some gorgeous fabric to make my neighbour a bag and one for my friends Mum as well, it's ladies with fruit as butt's and I just love it, hope they do to! I will post a pic of the fruit fabric and PJ's now(o:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PJ's and Library bag..

Yesterday I got a few more orders for my bags so I lashed out and ordered some fabric labels, can't wait for them to arrive. Anyhow I felt like making something different to bags so made some Pj's for Chelsea. I used the cutest monkey fabric called "monkey'n around" by Erin is adorable. I used Mcalls pattern 9369 forthe shorts and just appliqued some of the fabric onto a Tshirt I picked up from Kmart for $3.99. The set looks gorgeous...the shorts look a tad odd in the photo but they are fine it's just the way they were lying.

I also whipped up a library bag just for fun as I thought they might sell well at a market stall the school is running in November.

Anyhow must much to do!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Texture Ribbon Blanket for baby Lawson.

A girlfriend of mine that lives interstate had a baby a few weeks back and I wanted to make him something a bit different to all the normal things you get when you pop out a baby.
So I trawled the net for some inspiration and stumbled across these blankets, they are made from soft Minkee fabric, quilting fabric and an assortment of ribbons.
I found the gorgeous mint Minkee at spotlight on the remnants table and it was the perfect size also I scored a bag of ribbon offcuts so all up this blanket cost me about $12.
I decided to cut out some fabric in the letter "L" and sew it onto the fabric side of the blankie, I used a bright orange polkadot offcut.

I am pretty chuffed with the final result.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you ever have those days,,,,?

I had one of those days today that everything went wrong, we had a great morning at Abbey's sport carnival and then I came home to get some sewing done. Well first of all I cut out the wrong size handles for one of my bags so will now have to make an extra trip to Spotlight(what a shame :0P) Anyway I then decided to sew Maddi's pencil and notebook holder for her party tomorrow, well that s when all the fun started. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, normally sew one within 45 minutes, this took me 2.5 hours and still ended up all arse about.

Oh well, hopefully Miss Maddi loves it anyway.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fruit Kebabs..Yummo!

Today it was Lexies turn to take something healthy to kindy, we decided you couldn't get much healthier than a fruit kebeb.
Lexie had a great time making these and apparently they were a hit!

Oh well off to finish Maddi's b'day bag...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dress.

Chelsea tryng to blow a dandelion she found in the garden today.

Today I made this dress for Lexie, she picked the fabric from spotlight and chose the dress(Butterick 3772). It was pretty easy and went together well, I even attempted buttonholes for the first time ever..Yipee!
But when I got to the hem the drama's started, it's a bit skewiff but not to bad for a first attempt.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today I made this reversible bag, it nearly ended my short sewing career!! It took me a good 3 attempts to get it right but I got there in the end.
I really like it but think I might alter the pattern a tad to make the strap a bit longer so it fits better on your shoulder. This is Abbey modelling the bag for me.
It fits perfectly on her shoulder but is a bit short for me.
Tonight I will be working on a swimming bag and pencil roll for my friends daughters birthday.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where do I begin?

These are my funky shopping bags I have made for a lady my Mum met.

I bought myself a sewing machine last month, a Pfaff Hobby, and I love it, I have since also bought a Janome as it was on special and I just couldn't resist..

I have become obsessed and have spent way to much money at Spotlight, I spend ages admiring all the beautiful fabrics and scouring the pattern books. So far I have made a few dresses ,skirts and PJ's for my girls and a heap of bags.

I gave my Mum one of my funky shopping bags and have since had people from the town where she lives ringing up and asking me to make them bags far I have had to make 11!
I will be attempting a reversible purse next, I already have all the fabric picked out and now all I need is a spare hour to make it!