Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Animal set for Chelsea.

After a succesful morning of sewing it put me in the mood to do some more. Lexie and Chelsea had a friend over so they were entertained, the house was clean, beds were made so I had some time to do what I want.
I decided that I would make something out of a gorgeous animal fabric by Anna Griffen, I decided on a skirt and singlet set. All up it took just over an hour and looks cute as.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The beach bag.

Not to long ago we were cleaning out the shed and came across some shade cloth, Stace was going to throw it out but I asked him to keep it as I would make something out of it...what? I wasnt sure..lol.

Anyhow after a day at the river one day Stace was whinging about all the sand we carried home with us, that was my lightbulb moment!

I have talked about making this Beach bag and have thought of different designs and ways, anyhow after weeks of thought I finally made it today.

I needed the bag to be big to fit in towells, drink bottles etc, so I made a large simple tote bag , I added a thick denim pocket to the front and some spare fabric in a funky summer print I had left over from a funky bag.

I love this bag! I have even been out to the kids sandpit and put a shovel full of sand into it and it just fell through the holes of the shade cloth so my plan worked..YAY!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another bag..

Here is another bag I have finished off, I really like the look of this bag in this fabric.

Back on track!

The last few weeks have been kaos around here with Abbey being very unwell, school/kindy going back and a few other curve balls thrown our way. Anyhow we are back on track, Abbey is well and back at school, Lexie has settled back into kindy and the days are getting longer and warmer..YAY!
Today Stace had to sail so I bribed the wee ones with Macca's and 2 new DVD's to keep them busy while I got reunited with my sewing machine. Firstly I finished off a dressmade out of Heffalump material for Chelsea, she loves anything Heffalump so when I saw this fabric I just had to get it. The dress is from a New look pattern but I have changed the back to a cross over with elastic back so that it fits better and the straps wont slide off her shoulders. It looks a bit crumpled in the photo as she wore it all afternoon.
My machine has been playing up of late when sewing my Funky bags so I made one up just to play and readjust the settings as I didnt want it to stuff up on a bag that someone had ordered. I used a gorgeous green vintage fabric that I had in my stash and the machine worked a treat the whole time, the end result I was pretty chuffed with. I then set to work on a bag that a friend had ordered in a pink print, it worked out great, I hope she will be happy with it too.
I have a few more bags to make this week and will also get to work on some Christmas outfits for the girls.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Funky bags and a sweet pair of shorts.

Today I needed to finish off some Funky shopping bags that had been ordered, I also made a quick trip to Textile Traders and got myself a large cutting mat...so excited!
While I was there I stocked up on more fabric to make more bags from, I could spend all day looking at all the fabrics and dreaming up different combinations.

Because it was a beautiful 30c here today, the kids spent the day outside leaving me some time to make a sweet pair of elastic waisted soft baby blue cordroy shorts for Abbey, they are really sweet and apparently very comfy.

Also the labels I ordered a few weeks back arrived and I am pretty happy with them, it feels good seeing them in something I have made.

Monday, October 13, 2008

This morning they were jeans, now they are a funky skirt!!

Today I was sorting through the million clothes that my girls have and came across one of my favourite skirts from Pumpkin Patch. I bought it for Abbey when she was 2 and now Chelsea is wearing it, it's a denim top with 2 fabric ruffled layers. This got me thinking about some of the jeans Chelsea had outgrown in length that I had bagged up to pass on. I picked out the daggiest pair and started to cut them up, I then chose some material I had left over and cut and hemmed to size, gathered it up a bit and then attached to the denim, they worked out ok, but now I know what I am doing I will make sure the next pair are even better. Might start scouring Op shops for jeans in Abbeys sixe to make her a funky skirt out of as hers all have another 2 girls to get passed on to.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Animal bag and Lazy day skirt.

Abbey has been unwell for days which has left me housebound and Stace had to sail again today so I spent the day sorting through my large fabric stash and sorting my patterns. I am amazed at how much I have accumulated in such a short timeframe, it's a bit embarassing really.

Anyhow not much sewing got achieved today between sorting my stash and caring for Abbey. But I did manage a small bag for Chelsea to keep her favourite Dinosaurs and jungle animals in so that she doesn't lose them.
I also knocked up a skirt for Abbey from some pretty floral fabric I found in my stash that I wasn't even aware I had, I made it from the lazy day tutorial.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another summer dress for Lexie

Does it mean I have a problem when the ladies at Spotlight know me by name???

Stace went sailing today so I decided to spend the day sewing, I even bribed the girls with new craft and a new Mr Men DVD and Macca's for tea if they gave me some peace...it worked!

So today I made this dress from Simplicity pattern 3853. Lexie chose the fabric, she seems to have a thing for brown at the moment which is fine by me (o:

The dress was pretty easy although next time I wil use wider bias tape as it was a bit fiddly as it was rather narrow.

Hope to make this dress again but for Chelsea using a gorgeous floral fabric I got today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spotty skirt and top.

Lexie has been bugging me to make something out of a brown fabric with soft pink spots on it that I got from the remnant table at SL. So last night I decided to make her a skirt from the "Lazy Day Skirt" pattern and appliqued some left over fabric and ribbon onto a white tee. Once I had sewn it on I realised the motif was a bit skewiff so added a bow and some buttons to even it up a bit.
She was wrapped when she woke up this morning and saw it hanging in her wardrobe.

Today I started on another dress for Lexie but need to make a trip to SL to get a few more bits and peices to finish it off. I also started on a top for Abbey...will blog them soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photos of the halter Top

Since Chelsea refused to try on the halter top for me Lexie was happy to step in. I took this photo at Falcon beach yesterday and will be making a few more of these tops today as they are so sweet!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cute halter top modelled by Bob!

I bought this pattern off Etsy from Melliemakes, it was simple to make and has an easy formula so that you can make it for any shape and size.
I used two contasting apple fabrics from Spotlight and added a cotton lace to the hem.

When I finished it I was dying to try it on Chelsea but she was fast asleep so Bob had to step in and help me out....Onya Bob!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Thought I would add some photos of Chelsea and Lexie wearing their Sweet little Dresses by Leila and Ben(made by me (o: ) and also a photo of Abbey wearing the twirly skirt I made her on Thursday, she twirls and twirls and twirls, needless to say she loves it!

Handy Nappy pouch and one sick little girl..

Phew, what a day! Saturday's are such a busy day in this house. Lexie and I are at dancing by 8.30 for nearly two hours and then we head back at 1pm with Abbey. Stace heads out the door to go sailing at 12pm and will not be seen again for some hours.

Since arriving home at 3pm Lexie has become rather sick with a temp of 39.7 and has crashed out on the floor of Abbey's room where she was watching the Brady Bunch.

Even though it has been a busy day I have snuck some sewing in, I made Lexie another Sweet little Dress in a fairy fabric that she loves, I would post a picture but she is fast asleep with it on.
I also made a nappy pack which fits 4 walker size nappies(more I imagine smaller the nappy) and a wipes pack, (I only have a soft pack but it would fit a Huggies travel pack too).
I used a tea towel(new of course!) for the lining and some offcuts from the texture blanket. I went along the same lines as the pencil/notepad set but chopped and changed a few things and added the button and elastic.
Might make a few more of these for friends with little ones that dont want to carry a nappy bag everywhere also handy for Grandma's or the glovebox, boat etc.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leila and Ben Sweet Little dress....

I have eyed this gorgeous Leila and Ben Sweet little dress on Etsy for ages and finally caved and bought the pattern....wish I had caved earlier as I love it!

I love how simple it is and the versatility, I can see this pattern becoming VERY well used in this house..lol.

Fist attempt was a dress for Lexie so I sed some seersucker in a hibiscus print I got in a remnant pack ages ago and it turned out ok. So today I mad a farmyard one for Miss Mooch in the size 2, it's too short but will look awesome with a pair of cut off shorts. And what is even better was she wanted to put it straight on and is captivated by all the different animals, that is an acheivment as she is very difficult to dress and her clothes are usually on her terms only...I can see her wearing farmyard prints all summer.