Monday, October 13, 2008

This morning they were jeans, now they are a funky skirt!!

Today I was sorting through the million clothes that my girls have and came across one of my favourite skirts from Pumpkin Patch. I bought it for Abbey when she was 2 and now Chelsea is wearing it, it's a denim top with 2 fabric ruffled layers. This got me thinking about some of the jeans Chelsea had outgrown in length that I had bagged up to pass on. I picked out the daggiest pair and started to cut them up, I then chose some material I had left over and cut and hemmed to size, gathered it up a bit and then attached to the denim, they worked out ok, but now I know what I am doing I will make sure the next pair are even better. Might start scouring Op shops for jeans in Abbeys sixe to make her a funky skirt out of as hers all have another 2 girls to get passed on to.

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loujefferd said...

What a cool idea! They look sew good. Clever girl Wanni.