Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leila and Ben Sweet Little dress....

I have eyed this gorgeous Leila and Ben Sweet little dress on Etsy for ages and finally caved and bought the pattern....wish I had caved earlier as I love it!

I love how simple it is and the versatility, I can see this pattern becoming VERY well used in this

Fist attempt was a dress for Lexie so I sed some seersucker in a hibiscus print I got in a remnant pack ages ago and it turned out ok. So today I mad a farmyard one for Miss Mooch in the size 2, it's too short but will look awesome with a pair of cut off shorts. And what is even better was she wanted to put it straight on and is captivated by all the different animals, that is an acheivment as she is very difficult to dress and her clothes are usually on her terms only...I can see her wearing farmyard prints all summer.

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