Friday, September 26, 2008

A day of sewing...

Today I spent the day either sewing or cleaning or running kids around town...much like any other day really!

Abbey has been complaining that I never sew anything for her so I made her some Pj's in a pretty icypole print fabric, she loves them!

I also got another 2 bag orders, so I now have 5 bags on my to do list(12 completed), I think I will try to get them done over the weekend. I also made a trip to Spotlight last night and stocked up on fabric and bits and peices with the discount coupon saving me over $30...Woot!
I chose some gorgeous fabric to make my neighbour a bag and one for my friends Mum as well, it's ladies with fruit as butt's and I just love it, hope they do to! I will post a pic of the fruit fabric and PJ's now(o:

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