Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PJ's and Library bag..

Yesterday I got a few more orders for my bags so I lashed out and ordered some fabric labels, can't wait for them to arrive. Anyhow I felt like making something different to bags so made some Pj's for Chelsea. I used the cutest monkey fabric called "monkey'n around" by Erin is adorable. I used Mcalls pattern 9369 forthe shorts and just appliqued some of the fabric onto a Tshirt I picked up from Kmart for $3.99. The set looks gorgeous...the shorts look a tad odd in the photo but they are fine it's just the way they were lying.

I also whipped up a library bag just for fun as I thought they might sell well at a market stall the school is running in November.

Anyhow must much to do!


loujefferd said...

You are "sew" clever. The PJ's are really cute.

butchie said...

Love the Pj's Wanni Dee!