Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some Photo's..

Here are some photo's of the girls wearing their Xmas outfit's. They all looked super cute and had a hoot having their pic's done.

Friday, November 21, 2008

YAY...5 outfits done and dusted.

Phew, I was on a mission today to get these finished so I can take some photo's tomorrow. I am pretty happy with them all except the "ELF" top which I am tempted to redo.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Christmas outfit down another 7 to go....

I have decided to get all festive this year and have the girls all frocked up in christmas outfits so that I can make up some gorgeous Christmas cards for all my friends and family that live hoo..move home you lot we ALL miss you so much!!!

Anyhow today I finished Lexies and have Abbey's half done. I also have another 2 I will complete before the day is through. I also have another 3 orders, lucky I really enjoy making these and it makes a nice change from bags.

Still not sure if i will make Chelsea a skirt or shorts as she really doesn't dig skirts at the moment.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PJ's for Abbey.

Abbey was mumbling this morning that I never make her anything...Ever! Pfffft..anyhow I thought I would make her some new Pj's as a suprise. I made some shorts from a soft cordrouy and appliqued "love" onto a plain white Tshirt.
Can't wait for her to find them tonight under her pillow after her bath, hope they fit.

Lexie loves the dress...Yay!

Thought I would just add a photo or two of Lexie wearing her new dress, she loves it. And best of all it looks great on.

Chelsea also wanted to be in the photo, very unusual for

Cupcake dress and Xmas skirts.

With Christmas coming up I have started to make up some Christmas skirts for my girls and a few for a friend. I am hoping to have the sets all finished by the weekend so I can get some photo's for Christmas cards. I think the skirts look gorgeous and are very twirly when on, a bit of a hit with the girls.

I have been wanting to sew something using a stretch fabric for a while but I have been a tad cautious. Anyhow I decided to bite the bullet and attempt a dress for Lexie I have had my eye on for a while. I used a pink jersey fabric and the cutest cupcake fabric...very cute!
It was a lot easier than I thought and this dress only took over just an hour to complete, It's not perfect but it is ok for a first attempt, I made it from Simplicity pattern 4252.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Pillowcase dress for Miss Lexie.

Today Lexie asked me if I could make her a new dress, well of course I couldn't let her down could I?
I needed to make something quick and easy and remembered seeing a "pillowcase dress tutorial" on the net a few weeks back so went searching and found it.

I didnt have any pillowcases that I could bring myself to cut up but had plenty of fabric..of course! So I let her choose some and she picked a pretty blue and red floral fabric.

I am pretty happy with the final result although I will be replacing the ribbon straps with a skinnier ribbon tomorrow as all I had on hand at the time was the wider ribbon but I think it's a bit too much and comes undone much to easy.

Also today Lexie recieved a special suprise in the mail from a lady on EB who's little girl "Lexie" had outgrown . It is a grogeous hat with "Lexie" embroided on it, needless to say she has been wearing it all day and I don't see it coming off anytime soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What have I been up to today?

Well today I have sewn up a storm. A friend placed an order a week back and today I made the whole lot.
So that's what I have done today..1 Funky bag, 1 beach bag and 3 notebook pencil holders...phew I am stuffed..time to sit down.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dinosaur shorts and a stylish new apron.

Being Monday I spent the morning re-organizing the house and doing a zillion loads of washing, I also look after my nephew on a Monday so I have a house full of kids aswell.
Ben my nephew is toilet training at the moment and had a little accident, he was very embarrased poor little bugger. That's when I remembered I had a small offcut of camoflauge(sp?) dinosaur fabric I got in a remnant bag, just enough for a little pair of shorts. I used a pair of his shorts as a pattern and just made them with an elastic waist. He was pretty happy with them and there were no more accidents..YAY for me!

While I was at it I made another pair for Abbey in a gorgeous summer print and also whipped up a new apron for Abbey,I have adapted it from a tea towel and she loves it and is now bugging me to let her cook something. Now this is somthing I really struggle at as I have no patience when it comes to cooking with the kids...think I might send her over to Lou-Lou's to get her cooking fix.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ahhh Friday at last..woohoo!

I love Fridays, knowing the weekend is only a sleep away and its time to kick back and destress. Fridays are also liked in this house as it is my sewing day..ok I sneak the odd hour or two in during the week but Friday is the day I set aside to sew as I dont need to pick Abbey up from art classes until 5pm leaving me a good 4 hours in the afternoon to get stuck into it. I have added a photo of my sewing area so you can see where I hang out, it is in the corner of the games room.

So today I made another beach bag but improved it by adding edging around the top and a clasp to the front pocket, I love it! I really loved my original bag but this one is SO much better again!

I then made a "funky bag" in some black and white fabric by Micheal Miller, I used a sparkly denim as the lining, it looks great.

I am thinking of setting up a little blog shop to sell some things that I make that dont have homes already such as the two bags I made today, might be a job for me tonight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting ready for the festive season..

Something strange happened today, I was at home ALONE!! No one else was about and the silence was deafening. I couldnt handle the peace anymore so needed to come up with a way to break the silence...ahh the machine in the corner bekoned me over, what a perfect way to make some noise and chill out at the same time!

So then I had to work out what to sew, so through my rather large stash I searched for inspiration only to come across some Xmas fabric perfect for a little Christmas outfit that I promised someone special that I would make for their gorgeous daughter.

I am hoping it fits but if it's too big I suppose there is always next christmas...

The Mummy and Princess combo.

Mummy and Priness Combo bags...the Princess bag is a fair bit smaller than the Mummy bag but when I photographed them they look the same size.

It is so cold and windy here today that a day spent home sewing sounded like a fabulous option. So after I cleaned up from the mess and destruction my girls manage every morning before school I got busy sewing.
A friend ordered a bag for herself and wanted a smaller matching one for her daughter, the most important thing being that the bag had Pink on it.
I found the cutest fabric for the lining, it's very chic and something that I am sure any pink loving 2 year old will love. They turned out great and now all three of my girls want matching ones too.

I have a few bags to make but think I might take some time out to use some gorgeous pink dinosaur fabric I found yesterday at Spotlight. Chelsea loves it so I am thinking I might make up some shorts as she has decided skirts are not for her. I have a wardrobe full of skirts and dresses that she refuses to wear...and all the cute little skirts and tops I have made her might need to find new homes as she wont have a bar of them..*sigh*.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More Bags....

I have a few bags on order that I need to finish before I can do any other sewing. I made these two bags for two friends that requested the fabrics, I think they look great.
I also got Stace to bring home a heap of Shade cloth today so I can make up some Beach Bags...but not until all my orders are completed.