Monday, November 10, 2008

Dinosaur shorts and a stylish new apron.

Being Monday I spent the morning re-organizing the house and doing a zillion loads of washing, I also look after my nephew on a Monday so I have a house full of kids aswell.
Ben my nephew is toilet training at the moment and had a little accident, he was very embarrased poor little bugger. That's when I remembered I had a small offcut of camoflauge(sp?) dinosaur fabric I got in a remnant bag, just enough for a little pair of shorts. I used a pair of his shorts as a pattern and just made them with an elastic waist. He was pretty happy with them and there were no more accidents..YAY for me!

While I was at it I made another pair for Abbey in a gorgeous summer print and also whipped up a new apron for Abbey,I have adapted it from a tea towel and she loves it and is now bugging me to let her cook something. Now this is somthing I really struggle at as I have no patience when it comes to cooking with the kids...think I might send her over to Lou-Lou's to get her cooking fix.

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loujefferd said...

Love the apron.
I bet Michele was impressed when she picked Ben up. Next time my kids come over I might get them to do the same and they might come home with some new shorts lol. ;0)
Seriously though you really are great at sewing. Your sew good.