Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Mummy and Princess combo.

Mummy and Priness Combo bags...the Princess bag is a fair bit smaller than the Mummy bag but when I photographed them they look the same size.

It is so cold and windy here today that a day spent home sewing sounded like a fabulous option. So after I cleaned up from the mess and destruction my girls manage every morning before school I got busy sewing.
A friend ordered a bag for herself and wanted a smaller matching one for her daughter, the most important thing being that the bag had Pink on it.
I found the cutest fabric for the lining, it's very chic and something that I am sure any pink loving 2 year old will love. They turned out great and now all three of my girls want matching ones too.

I have a few bags to make but think I might take some time out to use some gorgeous pink dinosaur fabric I found yesterday at Spotlight. Chelsea loves it so I am thinking I might make up some shorts as she has decided skirts are not for her. I have a wardrobe full of skirts and dresses that she refuses to wear...and all the cute little skirts and tops I have made her might need to find new homes as she wont have a bar of them..*sigh*.


loujefferd said...

What a great idea. Love the bags. Keep the blogs coming.

Kathi said...

oh absolutely gorgeous! I love the matching bag idea :)

The Baby Shower Shop said...

BRILLIANT idea!! Gorgeous name too!