Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you ever have those days,,,,?

I had one of those days today that everything went wrong, we had a great morning at Abbey's sport carnival and then I came home to get some sewing done. Well first of all I cut out the wrong size handles for one of my bags so will now have to make an extra trip to Spotlight(what a shame :0P) Anyway I then decided to sew Maddi's pencil and notebook holder for her party tomorrow, well that s when all the fun started. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, normally sew one within 45 minutes, this took me 2.5 hours and still ended up all arse about.

Oh well, hopefully Miss Maddi loves it anyway.

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loujefferd said...

Maddi looooves it. You really are a clever girl!!!! I might have to start calling you the "bag queen". Thanx for Maddi's gifts, she loved them. See you tomorrow.