Saturday, October 4, 2008

Handy Nappy pouch and one sick little girl..

Phew, what a day! Saturday's are such a busy day in this house. Lexie and I are at dancing by 8.30 for nearly two hours and then we head back at 1pm with Abbey. Stace heads out the door to go sailing at 12pm and will not be seen again for some hours.

Since arriving home at 3pm Lexie has become rather sick with a temp of 39.7 and has crashed out on the floor of Abbey's room where she was watching the Brady Bunch.

Even though it has been a busy day I have snuck some sewing in, I made Lexie another Sweet little Dress in a fairy fabric that she loves, I would post a picture but she is fast asleep with it on.
I also made a nappy pack which fits 4 walker size nappies(more I imagine smaller the nappy) and a wipes pack, (I only have a soft pack but it would fit a Huggies travel pack too).
I used a tea towel(new of course!) for the lining and some offcuts from the texture blanket. I went along the same lines as the pencil/notepad set but chopped and changed a few things and added the button and elastic.
Might make a few more of these for friends with little ones that dont want to carry a nappy bag everywhere also handy for Grandma's or the glovebox, boat etc.

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