Sunday, October 12, 2008

Animal bag and Lazy day skirt.

Abbey has been unwell for days which has left me housebound and Stace had to sail again today so I spent the day sorting through my large fabric stash and sorting my patterns. I am amazed at how much I have accumulated in such a short timeframe, it's a bit embarassing really.

Anyhow not much sewing got achieved today between sorting my stash and caring for Abbey. But I did manage a small bag for Chelsea to keep her favourite Dinosaurs and jungle animals in so that she doesn't lose them.
I also knocked up a skirt for Abbey from some pretty floral fabric I found in my stash that I wasn't even aware I had, I made it from the lazy day tutorial.


loujefferd said...

Cute skirt Wanni. Hope Abbey feels better soon. The way she's going she wont be going back to school on Tuesday.
Keep up the awesome sewing. You are SEW good at it. :)

Danni-lee said...

Thanks Lou, yeah Abbey won't be going back to school for a day or two I think.
I was thinking how nice the skirt I made would look in Xmas fabric as Xmas outfit...look awesome for photo's!