Monday, October 27, 2008

The beach bag.

Not to long ago we were cleaning out the shed and came across some shade cloth, Stace was going to throw it out but I asked him to keep it as I would make something out of it...what? I wasnt

Anyhow after a day at the river one day Stace was whinging about all the sand we carried home with us, that was my lightbulb moment!

I have talked about making this Beach bag and have thought of different designs and ways, anyhow after weeks of thought I finally made it today.

I needed the bag to be big to fit in towells, drink bottles etc, so I made a large simple tote bag , I added a thick denim pocket to the front and some spare fabric in a funky summer print I had left over from a funky bag.

I love this bag! I have even been out to the kids sandpit and put a shovel full of sand into it and it just fell through the holes of the shade cloth so my plan worked..YAY!


beebeejaybee said...

Love it

The Baby Shower Shop said...

Danni this is absolutely stunning!! I soooo want one :)

Kathi said...

absolutely gorgeous!

sunshinedays said...

what a great idea! you should market that one :)